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Simple Rasta Waist Beads

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The wearing of waist beads is an long-standing African tradition as well as a modern practice that is used to encourage self love and self acceptance of one’s body.

Waist beads discreetly adorn a woman’s midsection. The strands enhance a woman's natural shape and encourage positive body awareness. Their location on the body inspires and expresses the wearer's inherent sensuality. 

Waist beads are often used to help with weight loss. When one gains weight, the beads tighten and rise. When weight is lost, they loosen and fall. This creates an awareness of one’s health and serves as a method of healthy weight maintenance. 

According to African tradition, they are worn at different stages of a woman’s life and sometimes indicate their lineage, tribe, and/or clan. In modern times it’s also said that the pattern, style, type, and colors of a woman’s beads are only known to her and her lover, creating a special intimate secret between the two of them.

Many women wear 3 or more strands, which makes choosing colors, beads and crystals that are personal to you and/or your lover an even more enjoyable and pleasurable experience. 

Each strand is handmade and there are variations in color, shape, and size. It is normal to find irregular sized beads and for the pattern to vary slightly. Our beads are of the highest quality, however they are made of glass and natural semiprecious stones, so please handle them with loving care.  All of my waistbeads are tie-on and meant to wear permanently. If you would like another option please message me or email me. 

Please Allow 7-10 business days for your strands to be shipped. Each strand is made to order.