My name is Deirdra and I am Owner and Creative Director of Locs & Chucks T-shirts and Stuff, a part of the Z&D Creations Family.

I want my customers to feel empowered and comfortable being their authentic, confident selves when wearing Locs and Chucks Apparel. Authenticity is important to me because I had a hard time knowing who I really was for most of my life. I always tried to conform. I had the Chameleon Syndrome. I could fit in anywhere, but I felt like I belonged nowhere. It wasn’t until I was 50 years old that I began to realize how beautiful I was just being who God created ME to be.

Locs & Chucks T-shirts and Stuff offers Unique Afrocentric, Inspirational and Trendy Apparel and Handmade Accessories. We are a little hippie-dippie, a little unusual and we might not be for everyone, but if we are for you, you will know it!

Our Shirts and Accessories are designed to help individuals stand out, express, acknowledge and identify who they are-  With no apologies. I also offer custom items because being able to afford clients/customers the opportunity to truly communicate who they really are is very important to me. So, I take REASONABLE custom orders (at my discretion) for t-shirt designs and some jewelry options.

I am a spiritual person that loves God, but I often use trendy and cultural references to get my points across. Sometimes it seems that I have an I don’t care attitude, but I really do care (my facial expressions need to get saved LOL). I’m very passionate and compassionate with a little bit of ratchet. I have a degree in Marketing, but I don’t necessarily like systematic education. I think life experiences are the best teacher. I love creativity and thinking outside of the box. I am a very emotive introvert and I love people, but I can’t be around them for a very long time. 

When I turned 50 I decided I would loc my hair, wear my Chuck Taylors (or Jordans) and Birkenstocks, with my ripped jeans, because that’s who I authentically am. And I love the Authentic Dee.